My first flight essay

Two years ago, I got a chance to fly in an airplane. I had never traveled by air before. Before this air flight, I was very nervous. I had watched the news of plane crash a lot on TV. This is why I used to think that traveling in airplanes is very difficult. It seemed to me that anything could happen to the plane while traveling by air, due to which the plane would crash and my life would be in danger. I was afraid of all these things before taking my first air trip.

Even after all these things,  I decided to travel by air. When I sat in the airplane for the first time, I was a little afraid. When the airplane started, my fear increased. After this, the airplane started moving and the plane went above ground. At that time, I could see the bottom view. When I saw the scene below, my fear subsided and I started enjoying air travel. At that time, I realized that traveling in an airplane is as comfortable as traveling in a car. After some time our airplane arrived near cloud. At that time I started having more fun. At that time I got a close look at cloud. The airplane made me feel very enjoy. This was seen for the first time in his life. I started enjoying this view a lot.

Shortly afterwards, i slept for some time. When my eyes opened, our plane was about to return to the ground after some time. Even when our airplane was coming on land, I saw a lot of buildings. I started having a lot of fun with this too. When I got down from the airplane, I felt that I was not getting scared. It is true that many accidents occur in air travel. But the accident is possible in any journey. So I concluded that air travel is also very amazing. If you are thinking of taking your first air journey, then you can do it easily. I had a lot of fun in my first air journey and all my fear of air travel was gone.