Essay on singing is my hobby

Every person has some good values. My good habit is Singing. I love singing music. My voice is not very good, yet I like to sing music very much. I enjoy it when I listen to music. Singing is a good entertainment tool. I often sing music to my family and friends as well. I have performed many times with my friends in my school to sing music. We also got the award for this. I enjoy singing music.

Many times when I am in trouble, I listen to music and try to sing it. This gives me trouble from which I can find a solution. Every person has a favorite singer. I love the songs of Honey Singh and Badshah. I also like rape songs a lot.

I want to be a good singer in future. I want to use my art very well for people. I am doing more work on my singing so that my voice can be good and my songs start to like people.