Essay on playground for class 1st in 10 lines

I study in Bombay High School. Today I want to tell you about my school playground. I am studying in class 1st of my school. The information about my school playground is as follows: –

1. Our school ground are very big.

2. There is green grass all around in our school.

3. Our school playground is kept clean at all times.

4. This ground is used for all school meetings. In this ground, students of all the classes come out in the breaks and play here.

5. This ground is so big that every student can easily play his favorite game here.

6. Apart from sports, other activities like shooting, dancing, and singing are also done in this ground.

7. This ground of our school is a means of entertainment for all students.

8. The beauty of our school is greatly enhanced by this ground.

9. In winter season, teachers also sit in this ground and enjoy the sun.

10. This field proves to be very useful in both winter and summer seasons.

This is how we use the school playground. When our school break ends, all the students go to their classes and start completing their studies.