Essay about drugs 250 words

In today’s age, many youngsters have fallen from all the drugs. One of these drugs is of addiction. This intoxication is very dangerous for the lives of young people. Every young person should make every effort to avoid this addiction. We all know that anyone who is intoxicated does the work of destroying life. In today’s time, the youth consumes a lot of drugs which is very harmful for their health. There are many reasons for intoxicating youth, due to which the youth of today are motivated to take drugs. This article is a kind of essay in which we will learn about drugs in detail.

Reasons for doing drugs: –

There are many reasons behind the use of drugs by young people. The reasons why young people consume drugs are as follows: –

1. High level of stress: –

The main reason for taking drugs to the young people is their loneliness or stress. There are many reasons behind stressing the youth. Many youth are not able to make their future bright, due to which they get stressed and start consuming drugs to avoid their troubles. Similarly, there are many such problems in the lives of young people, under which youth start consuming drugs under stress.

2. Bad association:

Many young people have associations with bad people who already consume drugs. Many youngsters start consuming drugs even by being in the company of such people. Due to this, the life of the right youngsters also starts getting spoiled.

3. Weak mental state: – Many youngsters start consuming drugs due to their weak mental state. This makes them think that their brain will work properly. But the results always come to the contrary.

Ways to avoid drugs

1. To avoid all the drugs and much addiction, you should not stress too much on your mind.

2. To avoid the use of drugs, you should not associate with bad people.

3. To avoid the use of drugs, you should share your problems with your family members.

4. To avoid the use of drugs, you should work hard in your life, so that you have to face fewer problems in your life.

Suggestions for drugs patients

1. Those young people who have become addicted to drugs should get their treatment in Rehab Center.

2. Those young people who consume drugs should tell about this in their family so that they can help you to get rid of it.

3. Barley youngsters take drugs and try to stay away from them so that you can quit this habit.

Including all these things, you can complete your drugs essay. If you also want to write an essay on drugs for yourself, then by reading this article you can complete an essay on drugs for yourself.