Environmental pollution essay

Environment is also one of the important factors in our life. Today’s article is in the form of an essay on environmental pollution. In today’s essay, we will see what the causes of environmental pollution are and how it can be controlled. You will get information about all these things from this essay.

Environmental pollution: –

When a lot of things start going bad in the environment, this is called environmental pollution. There are many types of environmental pollution. Such as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution. When there is pollution in all these causes like air, water and land, then it is called environmental pollution.

Types of environmental pollution: –

1. Air pollution: –

When poisonous gases like carbon dioxide are found in the air around us, then it starts polluting the air. This is called air pollution.

2. Water pollution: –

When the water around us starts getting polluted. So this is called water pollution. When dirty curtains are found in the water, then the clean water gets spoiled. Due to which water pollution increases.

3. Land pollution: –

When we start putting our waste in such a waste place, it causes the land to deteriorate. This is called land pollution. The reason for land pollution is to dump waste here and there.

4. Noise pollution: –

When the noise of sound increases around us, it is called noise pollution. Noise pollution includes noise from the motor, noise to the DJ, etc.

Measures to prevent environmental pollution: –

1. We should not put the waste of our house in unnecessary places. For this, we should make a garbage vessel and put our garbage in it. By doing this we can prevent land pollution easily.

2. We should avoid polluting the water. For this, we should make a proper drainage so that dirty water can be separated and clean water can be saved.

3. We should not put dirty curtains like waste in the water. By doing this we can reduce water pollution.

4. We should also try to control the use of car motors. The car motor should be used only when necessary.

5. We should play DJ and other music instruments in low voice only. So that we can control noise pollution.

6. Instead of burning garbage etc., we should put it in the garbage vessel. With this, we can prevent gas like carbon dioxide from getting into the air.

7. We should also use the motor vehicles in limited quantities. By this we can reduce air pollution.

By adopting all these things, we can reduce environmental pollution. If you also want to write an essay on environmental pollution, then you can write an essay for yourself by reading this essay.